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Tea [tag: batbutler, notthedamnedbat]

After a short pause for coordination's sake, Tim is sitting at a round table in a cafe, dressed in normal clothing. He orders oolong -- he'd never thought to snoop around in the Mansion to see what kinds of tea Alfred might prefer -- and when the waitress leaves, automatically passes his hand under the bottom of the table to check for bugs. Better examine the napkin cannister too. And the chair, but he's trying to be discreet. Dick already thinks he's nuts, he's pretty sure. It's something of a foregone conclusion when it comes to him becoming acquainted with ... anybody.

But it's very, very important that Mr. Pennyworth not think that, for as long as possible. Tim wishes he weren't so tired. Or that Changeling was safe and waiting for him. Either of those would be good enough to be sure he wasn't about to mess something up.

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Mercy Graves has always functioned driven by knowing what she wants. For a while (most of her life as a matter of fact) this was enough to dictate every action and decision with considerable success. But the universe likes to throw curve-balls. So after an extended string of bad luck and poor decisions, Mercy is beginning to question the wisdom of this methodology. Where most would find being in the employ of Lex Luthor an eminent triumph, Mercy regards it as the culmination of her failures brought on by this aimlessness. It is not something that sits well with her.

Now, high above Metropolis in LexCorp HQ, she approaches the double doors to Lex's office unsettled. Ignoring Ms. Walters as she passes, she enters without being announced.
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Lex wasn't sure about what he was doing, that alone should have told him what a bad idea this was. Lex rarely entered into deals he wasn't sure about. They never ended well. Especially when he wasn't 100% sure of the person he was dealing with.

Connections needed to be made though, and what little he had learned told him that being on this person's bad side could end disasterously. For him.

Picking up the phone, he paged Mercy to his office. It was time to let Ms Quinzel know that her offer had been accepted.

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Alfred stands at the entrance to Wayne Manor. To his home. Bruce was back, somehow.

Not that he could call himself totally surprised, he'd never quite been able to accept the fact that Master Bruce was gone for good. Still, that was a bit different from seeing him face to face after all this.

But that was in the past. He knocked.
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Monthly Report [Bruce, Lilly]

Tim tries the office first, since Bruce seemed to be actually doing something in there last time. He has a few things to report on: Jane, Nightwing, and Lex. And he has a few questions about Alfred Pennyworth and Matrix. Life is never boring at the Manor, really. So! Again with the black and the gloves and incidentally, he hasn't returned that knife yet.
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LexCorp Headquarters [Open, Mercy]

It's a busy Monday morning in Metropolis, people moving quickly through the streets, taxi horns honking as the drivers careened through the city. The business hustle didn't stop at the doors of LexCorp either. Things were just as hectic in the lobby, employees rushing to get to their offices, delivery men and couriers already making their deliveries.

Behind a large desk is a tall brunette, headset in place as she multitasks, answering and transferring calls while directing people to their destinations.
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Izzy is hangin' out in Gotham, for some reason. Perhaps she has a job. Perhaps she is just hangin' out. Is she in a bra, heels and a mini-skirt?, probably not. How sad for the people of Gotham. Izzy has nice...assets.

Aaaaaanyway. Hanging. out. Gotham!
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tea for three, hold the homicide

It's a tea "party".

Of course, when Jane and Tim are involved, party always has to go in quotation marks.

The tea is lukewarm. The petit-fours are distributed on the glued down plates. The chairs and table are bolted to the floor. And Mal is snugly strapped to her chair, blindfolded, with plugs in her ears.

Yeah, Tim really knows how to throw a wild one.

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There are many things about Gotham and Arkham that James Wilson hates. He is honestly starting to regret having moved here. Starting...

In any case, putting Arkham on lockdown because one of the patients has been killed? Certainly tops the list.