Chloe Sullivan (nosupergal) wrote in gotham_nexus,
Chloe Sullivan

Gotham Current Events (both IC and OOC....somehow!))

Gotham Gazette: Points of Note

The bizarre demolition of Gotham High School has not gone unnoticed by Gotham officials, who have no comment on how this unfortunate incident occured. While no plans to rebuild and reopen the school are currently on the books, The Sombra Corporation has generously donated one of their office buildings to be used as a temporary high school.

The Sombra Corporation. A megacorporation working with fully monopolized high-tech R&D and manufacturing. Originally a Metropolis based corporation, they moved into Gotham when billionaire-playboy Bruce Wayne was mysteriously burned to death late-summer. Perhaps there was some sort of corporate merger behind the scenes? Whatever occured, Raymond Fiegler and his corporation are the new top dogs of Gotham.

Along with Sombra comes LaMerk Industries and North Central Positronics. Together, they purchased the Gotham monorail and began extensive remodeling that will be complete by the end of the year. There are rumors that these remodels may even include some sort of AI. These rumors are, so far, unfounded.

Thomas Elliot, aka Hush, has once again vanished into the multiverse, taking with him Gotham socialite, Lilly Geoffries-Elliot.

The strange eye-grafittis continue to appear around the city. No one seems to know what they mean at all.
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