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A city of justice

a city of love

Gotham City - Nexus
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to Gotham.

Try not to die horribly. Thank you kindly.

((This is a quasi-movieverse Gotham comm.))


arkham_crane - Doctor Jonathan Crane
sixtyonereasons - Donna Sheppard-Crane
izitcleo - Isobel Kirkpatrick
couldvbeenmensa - Lt Col. John Sheppard

(These may be expanded at any time, and will always be accompnied by a mod post announcing said changes)

0. You MUST have a photographic PB.
1. Apply here!

2. Please, no fighting over characters. We're always willing to discuss multiples of a particular character, but mods will side with whoever had the character first.
2b. Please, no fighting amongst players. The mod staff do not want to become involved. If you make us, we will cry.

3. Ever seen the movie? People get hurt. We're not saying you have to come out of every fight a bloody mess, but we expect that at least once in a while, someone will get hurt.
3b. Common RP courtesy dictates that a character can only be hurt with his or her player's permission. Please respect that.

4. We like LJ cuts. We require you use them for the following situations, or hats will be donned.
a)Adult situations - not everyone is comfortable reading about sex! We would like to know! It's fine if it's in the comments, just attach the appropriate tag to the post.
b)Violence - some people don't like reading about people getting beat up! We would like to know! It's fine in the comments, just attach the appropriate tag to the post.
c)Gore - some people don't like reading gross stuff! We would like to know! It's fine in the comments, just attach the appropriate tag to the post.
d)OOC discussion - OOC posts go on fandomninjas now. Moderators will make posts as needed for plot details.

5. We are not picky about the kinds of relationships that go on in the comm. We don't care if it's het, slash, kink, whatever! Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes? Okay! All we ask is that you keep it legal. This means any character involved in sexual activity must meet Colorado's age of consent. (18)
5b. The moderators will be willing to deliberate on making exceptions to this rule. Provided sufficient reason is provided. As part of a direction a character is going is acceptable, or it has to do with alien planets.

6. Language is not a problem. Keep it minimal in posts, if possible, but comments are fair game. Swear as you like, or is appropriate for your character.

7. We require at least four threads per month from any given player. These threads can be spaced out, or done all in one day, and can take place in any of the four comms. We don't care. Exceptions may be made if a) We don't notice, b) You're busy and have told us such, or c) We're aware of off-comm RPing of the character (such as IM-RPing or IRC -- though by all means! Post the log!)
7b. If we do not see Player activity for a month, you'll receive an Activity Warning. Three of these and we will remove the player from the communities and open their character(s) up to be taken again.
7c. If you're removed from the communities for this reason, you will be allowed to reapply your characters. However, you will be placed on a 30-day Probation to show us you can be more active. If you're removed again for inactivity, future applications will be rejected.
7d. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please make an effort to contact a mod, and let us know.

8. Never be afraid to come to the mod team with any questions, comments, thoughts, complaints, suggestions, beefs, bunnies, or totem poles. We're friendly! We promise!